Mushbits is a fun and challenging little puzzle flash game. You control two cute bunnies who have to jump between blocks and into their respective mushrooms! Sounds easy? Take this…the bunnies can only step on blocks of the same color as them.

Earn to Die


Earn to Die is an amazing zombie-themed uphill riding game. The game is set during the early days of the zombie apocalypse and the only way for you to survive is to reach an extraction point. Build a car that will take you out of these hilly terrains and into safety!

Battle Realms 2: Lair of the Lotus – Coming soon?

Ed del Castillo, the co-founder of Liquid Entertainment, have been posting vlogs on YouTube teasing details of the planned Battle Realms 2, which will be partly-funded through Kickstarter. Here’s the first videocast. I’m a huge fan of Battle Realms (the original and Winter of the Wolf). It’s one of the few RTSs that I was […]



The Rivadis Empire is crumbling. The Necromancers have slowly taken control of the Emperor, luring him deep into the dark side. It’s time to raise your banner, march towards the capital and vanquish the enemies! Lead one of the three Kingdoms and fight your way across legions of undeads and creatures of the dark!



Explore this 2D pixel world and collect all the treasure chest! It’s not that simple, though. The chests are kinda hard-to-reach. Wait, that’s wrong. They’re really hard to reach. You, literally, have to twist and turn the world to get your hands on them. Are you up for the challenge?



Sequester is an eerie puzzle flash game that will take you to a world between life and death. Take the role of a boy and find your way around a world where your sister was, somehow, trapped.

Humble Indie Bundle 9 – A must-have collection


I’m a cheapo that’s why I love Humble Bundles. You get to buy cool games for less, way less. The latest bundle (Humble Indie Bundle 9) is the best, so far, IMO. All 10 awesome games can be had for less than USD 10. Trine 2: Complete Story Mark of the Ninja Eets Munchies Beta […]

Zyan Drench – Turn-based Goodness


Finally, the internet is back. However, I will have to wait for the weekend to have enough time to play and enjoy Polycraft. For the meantime, I keep myself entertained with two ‘quick’ games: Zyan Drench and Static Quest, which I mentioned in my Pivot Review. Of the two, I enjoyed Zyan Drench more. Zyan Drench […]

Pivot – A Cute Puzzle Platformer


I planned on playing Polycraft over the weekend but the PLDT (internet provider) scourge struck. With internet gone, I was limited to playing what offline games are left on my PC: my all-time favorite Civilization V, the eye-candy Crysis 2 and Limbo. There were other games, too; all of which I have never really played […]

Polycraft – The HTML5 Game I’ve Been Waiting For?


I first heard of HTML5 gaming about 2 years ago. It was touted as the future of cross-platform gaming, the technology that will kill Flash. I’ve had mixed feelings of the news; primarily, because I love flash games. Ever since the game Ganguro Girl (oppps), I’ve constantly been entertained with casual flash games – platformers, puzzles, tower defense, […]