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Finally, the internet is back. However, I will have to wait for the weekend to have enough time to play and enjoy Polycraft. For the meantime, I keep myself entertained with two ‘quick’ games: Zyan Drench and Static Quest, which I mentioned in my Pivot Review. Of the two, I enjoyed Zyan Drench more.

Zyan Drench is a minimalist turn-based strategy game. The goal is to out-maneuver your opponent and convert as many blocks as you can.

The game is set in a 15×15 board. Each block is randomly assigned its one of the six colors. Players start on each side of the board, taking turns to claim as many blocks as possible.

A turn in Zyan Drench translates to choosing a color for your territory. Every time you change the color of your ‘owned’ blocks, neighboring blocks with the same color becomes part of your territory. The player with the most number of blocks win. It’s that simple.


You can choose any of the three modes:

  1. Against Android – Play against the AI. It takes a lot of planning to keep the AI from expanding its territory.
  2. Solo – How many blocks can you conquer within 30 moves?
  3. Against a friend – Create a WiFi game and compete against a friend. This is my favorite mode.

The game doesn’t offer level progression, which can be a turn-off to some casual gamers. Despite this, after a couple of sessions, one will notice that it’s not easy to beat the AI. Every move has to count.

Here’s my scores for 10 games Against Android.

  1. 129 : 96 (Won)
  2. 111 : 114 (Lost)
  3. 91 : 134 (Lost)
  4. 94 : 131 (Lost)
  5. 101 : 124 (Lost)
  6. 107 : 118 (Lost)
  7. 110 : 110 (Won)
  8. 112 : 113 (Lost)
  9. 165 : 60 (Won)
  10. 117 : 108 (Won)

As you can see, I suck at this game. I notice that I get too focused on a particular section of the board that I lose track of the other.

For a quick turn-based goodness, play Zyan Drench. It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s challenging. And, of course, it’s fun.

Zyan Drench is a minimalist turn-based strategy game. Your goal in the game is to convert as many blocks as you can.
Zyan Drench
Date Published: 09/13/2013
An addictive casual game, the highlight of which is the WiFi session against someone you know. Some may find the lack of levels boring.
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