Pivot – A Cute Puzzle Platformer

I planned on playing Polycraft over the weekend but the PLDT (internet provider) scourge struck.

With internet gone, I was limited to playing what offline games are left on my PC: my all-time favorite Civilization V, the eye-candy Crysis 2 and Limbo. There were other games, too; all of which I have never really played beyond the first few stages: Mirror’s Edge, Anno 1404, MOH and BF3.

I do have two new Android games (Static Quest and Zyan Drench), which I promise to cover in my next posts.


My first instinct when I got back to work was to check for new flash games. Yeah, I’m one of those who stuck around. A quick browse through Mochi and I found Pivot, a cute little puzzle game by tomtusk.

Pivot is an ‘exploration puzzle platformer‘. The player controls a cute pixel monster who has to collect all golden chests scattered across 49 rooms.


The game, basically, a rotational platformer. You have control over your character and of the 2-dimensional map. You can change the orientation of the map by going into one of the corners and pressing C. Movement is toggled with the usual Left & Right arrows, and Jump with X. An introduction to these simple controls were very clear at the start of the game.

I can’t help but notice the similarities in the visuals with the now classic Fez; probably the use of pixel and color. It does look great – vibrant and ‘bouncy’.

Now for the actual gameplay. It’s hard, not Sequester hard but still hard. It took me about 30 minutes to reach 18% completion! I was starting to get pissed so I decided to stop playing and work instead. The great thing is that I can continue whenever I want as my progress was saved on the browser cache (if my understanding of the technology is correct).


Today is the day I beat this game!

It started out quite well. I began to understand how to gain access to a chest of one room by using the orientation of the other. Sometimes, you even have to go as far as three rooms. It really is one challenging brain-teaser. Then I, once again, got stuck at 38%.

I have since given up on the game. :0

Pivot is one challenging, and frustrating, puzzle flash game. If you’re a fan of cute, pixel-art graphics, try it now.

Pivot is a rotational puzzle game with more than 49 challenging levels to beat.
Date Published: 09/11/2013
Pivot has vibrant visuals that can be very appealing. A few game physics quirks may or may not work for you. Be prepared to be pissed and frustrated.
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