Polycraft – The HTML5 Game I’ve Been Waiting For?

I first heard of HTML5 gaming about 2 years ago. It was touted as the future of cross-platform gaming, the technology that will kill Flash.

I’ve had mixed feelings of the news; primarily, because I love flash games. Ever since the game Ganguro Girl (oppps), I’ve constantly been entertained with casual flash games – platformers, puzzles, tower defense, etc. On the other hand, I was excited. It was a new development in gaming, which means more choices of games and a new platform to exploit.

But after 2 years of waiting, I’m still waiting for one flagship HTML5 game that will define the platform and push new boundaries. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of notable games. There’s Illyriad, Browser Quest, Angry Birds (yes, Angry Birds!), Cut the Rope, TankWorld, WordSquared, Contre Jour and many more! I played them all, enjoyed some but none has gain as much love from me as I had hoped.

A couple of months ago, I came across Turbulenz, an open source HTML5 game engine. It offered a couple of titles but there was one game that stuck – Polycraft. I played it and I couldn’t believe it was an HTML5 game. It was just different. It’s 3D, with colorful polygonal characters.


When I first played it, I actually didn’t understand what the game was about. I was just amazed at how different it was compared to other HTML5 games. I may have played it for about an hour and moved on.

Fast forward to today. While browsing through YouTube, I saw a new video by Turbulenz – Polycraft’s Gameplay Trailer. Check it out.

When I saw the trailer, I immediately went back to check the game. Woah! It looked even better! I started playing and will spend more time on it this weekend.

I just couldn’t contain my excitement and felt the need to publish this post.

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